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One of our biggest markets is Sacramento County Restaurant Renovation because many people fail to set up their restaurant correct the first time.

Your restaurant kitchen layout design is one of the most important aspects of designing your restaurant. A bad kitchen design can cause significant problems for your restaurant that can affect your clients experience as well as your profitability over the long run. We pay attention to your restaurant kitchen layout design being correct the first time so you don't make this mistake.

As you are considering your restaurant kitchen layout design, as well as a Sacramento County California Restaurant Consultant you may wonder if there is a magic ratio between the size of a dining room and the size of a kitchen. The truth is that most important part of your restaurant is your kitchen. Most people fail to realize that hiring a Sacramento County Restaurant Consultant will single handedly save your restaurant from failing. Every kitchen will prepare meals differently, however its the amount of space needed to prepare your style of food. For example: a burger bar needs a much different layout than a fine dining restaurant. Many people make the mistake of having their chef set up the kitchen and many fail, even though they know how to cook amazing food. A chef is a chef, NOT AN ARCHITECT! Some kitchens take a small amount of space to prepare dozens of portions while others take a significant amount of space.